3 Retargeting Tips and Mistakes

Are you using retargeting for your campaigns? If yes, are you using it correctly? TopRank wrote nice summary of SES Chicago presentation from Christopher Hansen and Marty Weintraub.

Retargeting Done Right:

1. Identify Your Best Content

The key to effective retargeting is finding what is already working in your marketing strategy.

2. Analyze Behavior

Similar to how retargeting works best on great content, it is also most effective when used on high quality, relevant traffic.

3. Look at Context
Specific customer demographics may be more likely to convert when consuming certain types of content. Make sure you are putting your retargeting money where it counts.

Retargeting Done Wrong:

1. Retargeting Bad Content
Content that isn’t working will not magically start converting through retargeting.

2. Being Creepy By Over-Retargeting

We’ve all been a victim of over-retargeting at some point. There is no hard and fast rule, but a good guideline is to set a limit of 5-7 impressions.

3. Not Effectively Regulating Your Retargeting Campaigns
Are you re-targeting customers who have already made a purchase? Or people who have filled out a complaint form? This is classic remarketing done wrong.

I encourage you to read full TopRank blog post on remarketing.